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There are times when your skin needs a little extra care to help transform into a healthier self. You can browse through collections specially designed to help you find the product that best suits your current skin concern.

The Power Ingredient - Reishi Mushroom

Reishi Mushroom, the mainstay of traditional Asian skincare for centuries, is known to possess potent skin-soothing and calming properties. Furthermore, it boosts the synthesis of ceramides in the skin thereby fortifying the skin barrier.

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Effective formulations powered by plants


Rooted in essentialism, each product is uncompromisingly designed to offer an effective, safe and clean skincare solution. The ingredients that go into our products are meticulously researched and the safe and optimum amounts of each ingredient is our first priority in order to make our products efficient.

MASCOT Certified for efficacy and safety

Clinically tested and approved

It is remarkable to understand that it is the choices that make a difference; the choices only can help and provide. Every product is backed by meticulous research, knowledge of expert formulators with decades of experience, and approvals from India’s leading laboratory for clinical testing. 
Clinical tests ensure that the ingredient proportions are safe and just right to deliver the most effective benefits for your skin.

For all genders, skin types and ages

Inclusive range

Skincare has been gendered for as long as we've known it. A lot of information about skin being different according to gender and sex has been incorporated into skincare. But skincare can be neutral.

TES Beauty's skincare range aims to soothe every person's skin, without differentiating between which ingredients are more 'feminine' or which ingredients are more 'masculine'.

the underlying fabric


Ethically sourced. Consciously Manufactured. Responsibly Packaged.

The next wave of skincare must go beyond a stellar ingredient list and formulations. At TES Beauty, the where and the how of the product matter as much as the product.

Sustainability forms the underlying fabric, spread across sourcing, ingredients, manufacturing, design and packaging.

Because beauty is more than skin deep


There are thousands of harmful chemicals being used in cosmetics and beauty products today, and the list continues to grow.

At TES Beauty, we concoct formulations that use absolutely safe ingredients. We also aim to closely review our formulations as new information comes to light, and adjust swiftly and accordingly. 



The world is evolving toward more advanced, complex testing procedures that are not only faster but also more effective. Before you buy something, take a look at the packing. Our skincare and beauty range is gentle on your skin, and is a testament to the fact that no animals were experimented upon during its formulation.