TES Beauty is a transformative way of thinking about skincare,

a beautiful synthesis between the power of nature and knowledge of science.

After years of research and multiple reformulations, we bring to you an effective and hardworking skincare range for everyday needs that is best suited for the majority of Indian skin types.

Simple, yet effective skincare range to elevate skin through mindful formulations.

It is remarkable to understand that it is the choices that make a difference; the choices only can help and provide. Every product is backed by meticulous research, knowledge of expert formulators with decades of experience, and approvals from India’s leading laboratory for clinical testing. 

Deeply rooted in the power of purpose.


Slowing down is an art, a rare one in today’s world. Deep breaths, mindfulness, rejuvenation, self love, and the reason why we exist - skincare. The few minutes you’ll take out every day to take care of your skin can serve as a reminder to pause and simply be in the moment.

We promote mindfulness, which indirectly promotes discipline in life. So, shall we start with something that is more pleasant, ideal, slow and then say that this lifestyle resonates with the belief system.  Like Monsoon's first raindrop, blushing bougainvilleas, walking on the shore while cool waves touch your feet, warm bath after a long day or journaling for gratitude to feel some.

Self-care is not a luxury meant for the few. It is not the act of taking solace in distraction like relishing a bar of chocolate or indulging in a long spa or having drinks after a long day at work.

In fact, self-care is the hard task of doing what needs to be done to preserve our mind, body and spirit. It is to clear our minds of the societal parameters set to measure happiness and self-worth. We believe that sustainability not only means addressing the long-term impact on our ecosystem but that we must also mindfully design products that meet the demands of everyday life.

Time is to take the power back from a culture that states that extravaganza and false ideals of “the perfect life” is self-care.


More than skin deep - Intentional and thoughtful.

Rooted in essentialism, each product is uncompromisingly designed to offer an effective, safe and clean skincare solution. The ingredients that go into our products are meticulously researched and the safe and optimum amounts of each ingredient is our first priority in order to make our products efficient. Complete ingredient list is mentioned on the packaging and on the website with product description. This helps us get our facts straight and gives us confidence to communicate honestly with the consumers. All our formulations and products are 100% cruelty free and 97% vegan*. Sourced ethically, the ingredients we use are of high quality, extremely safe and crafted to utmost satisfaction.

Mindfulness, in being.


Sustainability is the underlying fabric, spread across sourcing, ingredients, manufacturing, design and packaging.

Working from the ground up, we built an online-only, direct to customer model, which means we can sell premium products with the highest quality ingredients at a great price.


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